Your Retreat


Dare to Find Yourself



Discover your Inner World,

Open your Heart and Start Loving Yourself

Discovery SELF-LOVE

This year, I have published my first book ´Love Unboxed´. Little did I know at the time of deciding to participate in this fabulous book collaboration that the theme of the book would be SELF-LOVE.

It was obvious to me that caring for myself, taking responsibility for my own happiness, start leading my own life and set my business in motion… all this was the next step forward.


I was ready. And I was ready because my Heart was in place. I had dedicated a whole decade to find myself, to open my Heart, to learn all the necessary skills to live in JOY. Now it was time to do with my life and physical body what I had done with my Spirit, Mind and Heart: LIBERATE THEM.

The Retreat

This retreat is for you. It is a treat for your Soul, for your Heart. It is an initiation in the path of living from the Heart, it is a step forward to live a more fulfilled and happier life.

Come and join me for a weekend full of Love… Self-Love. I am offering you a retreat for women led by women. It is my desire that you come out of the session loving yourself and committed to make time for you, meditate, look after your body with exercise and the right foods and take care of the person more important in your life: YOU. If you don´t look after yourself, nobody else will.

If anyone can, you can too

See your life transform and the people around looking at you in a different way, once you start loving yourself. You will have a new spark, a new vibration, a magnetism that will make those around you respect you and listen to you more.

To look after others, your family, your children, your partner, your employees… you must look after yourself, otherwise, you will not have the mental, emotional and physical strength to cope with whatever life throughs at you.

If I did it, I believe YOU and anyone CAN too.



– Opening and Healing of the Sacred Heart

– Clearing of Karma, past lives bondings and outdated contracts

– Meet your Spirit Guides

– My Values and Beliefs

– Calling your Soul Home

– Conscious Talks and QNA

– Create your Own Affirmation



– Gentle exercises, yoga, tai chi, paddle SUP, trekking, pilates

– Additional healings and techniques

– Talks from experts



I will always be available any time after the workshop to support you with anything that comes after going back to your normal life.

During the course, we will be available with coaching, healing and support for you.

Everything is Possible with an Open Heart

Everything Starts with an Open Heart

Living in JOY, leading a happier life, feeling empowered, being strong enough to serve others… all this is easier when we live from the Heart, connected with the Source of our Being, with who we truly are, knowing that we are never alone and that the Universe is constantly hearing our call and is in our side.

Your Journey of Self-Discovery

I am going to take you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, reprogramming and knowledge. I will encourage you to find the Goddess within you, that Spiritual Warrior that leads her life from Love and Compassion, with balanced male and female energies, with her Heart open and Healed, vulnerable yet strong beyond measure.

Your Healing

I will accompany you through the Opening and Healing of your Heart. You will healed past traumas, blockages and wounds from this and other life times. I will guide you through finding out what your limiting beliefs are, what do you value, what are you going… and with all that, and a new set of affirmations that you will design, you will walk the path of the hero, crushing your limiting beliefs and walking towards a new life, clear, empty, with your purpose and a network of supporting women beside you.


I am a Conscious Leader in the making, a constantly learning person dedicated to the callings of my essence.

The WOMAN 5.0 movement starts out of the passion for sharing with other women the knowledge and wisdom I have gained and support to the awakening that is taking place in our world.

Gema Ramirez

Coach, Personal Development Trainer, Author

PRICE per person and full workshop

88 GBP